Chile, say goodbye to Pisco!

If you are not already aware, there has been an on going battle between Chile and Peru regarding who owns the rights to market their grape eau de vie as Pisco. Check out our post on the details of the battle for more info.

This ad pictured to the the left is the work of Gustavo Rodríguez, creative director at the Quorum Agency.  The message says “Chile, despídete del pisco”, meaning “Chile, say goodbye to pisco”.   This ad is part of a private campaign to educate the public that pisco is in fact Peruvian and not Chilean.

At the bottom, it sates that Peru has initiated a campaign in the USA so that Chile cannot legally call their grape eau de vie “pisco”.   As you all know, the USA was one of the few countries not to sign the WTO document declaring pisco as Peruvian.

¡¡¡El Pisco es Peruano!!!  ¡¡¡Salud!!!

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