My Name is Pisco, surname Peru


I introduce to you my fellow readers the first pisco song.  This song was written by Roberto Samamé Sánchez, cultural promoter of Pisco and was officially released in a CD entitled “Mi nombre es Pisco y me apellido Peru – primer homenaje musical al Pisco Peruano” in October 2010.  Available for purchase here.


de Roberto Samamé Sánchez

Yo me abrigué en el Surco al calor de tus cuidados, y me afferré a la vida

sabedor de mi destino; y hoy que me siento el amo y el señor de tu cariño,

compartiré los versos, tradición de lo peruano.

Yo me abrigué en el alma del cantor y de su musa,

ligando ardientemente al corazón, cordón y rosa;

y hoy que siento el perfume y el bouquet de tu sonrisa,

siento latir a prisa el corazón,

nací peruano.

Ardiente como el sol, que me dio la vida

con la fuerza natural de mi terruño;

al mundo entero cantaré que soy su hermano,

de pura cepa y de valor,

y bien peruano.

Yo soy el Pisco y me apellido Perú.

Here is the translation, as best I could…obviously this won’t rhyme or have the flow of a song but you can get the general idea of what it is saying.


by Samamé Roberto Sánchez

I was  sheltered in the Surco with the warmth of your care,

and I came to life knowing my fate;

and now that I am the master

and the Lord of your affection,

I share these verses, like the tradition of Peru.

I was sheltered in the soul of the singer and his muse

tied ardently to the heart, cord and rose;

and today I feel the fragrance and bouquet of your smile,

I feel my heart beating rapidly

I was born in Peru.

Burning like the sun, who gave me life

with the natural force of my terroir;

to the whole world I will sing

that I’m a brother full-blooded and of value,

and very Peruvian.

I am Pisco and my sur name is Peru.

Here is an older music video of the song.  This is of the music type known as Criolla.  The video shows great aspects of a quality pisco such as the cord and rose.