Pisco Cocktail of the Week – Algarrobina Frozen


As summer is getting closer, it’s time to exchange your normal pool side margarita with an Algarrobina Frozen.  It is easy to make and you don’t need to be a fancy mixologist to serve yourself a good drink.

Ingredients: 2 oz of Pisco (it calls for pisco of the Mollar varietal but I have been using Acholado – which is more readily available state side)

1.5 oz of condensed milk

1 spoon of sugar – I always find it best to use simple syrup (see our post simple syrup)

1 oz of algarrobina syrup

1 large cup of small cubed ice


Place all ingredients in a blender using only half the ice in the cup.  Decorate the glass with drizzles of algarrobina on the walls of the glass.  Add more ice until you reach the consistency you prefer.