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Marca Perú

In 2009 the Peruvian Tourism Ministry and promotional agency, PromPeru,  started to work on an idea of re-branding the image of Peru to the world.  The economy was rising and tourism was increasing, the time had come to demonstrate the beauties of Peru to the world through a mastermind branding/advertising campaign.  After two years, Peru’s new brand was launched on Wallstreet.  That’s right in the United States, and was unveiled as part of Wallstreet’s first ever Peru Day (According to the head of Latin American Sovereign Ratings at Fitch Ratings, Theresa Paiz, Peru Day acknowledges the country’s responsible economic management that is contributing to bring in more foreign investments)

The mastermind’s behind the artistic work is FutureBrand, this work was done specifically out of their Argentina office.   FutureBrand created Australia’s successful country brand in 2003.

The logo is hoped to be used on labels and tags on Peru’s exported goods.  Perhaps we will be seeing it on our favorite pisco bottles in the near future.

Salud Perú!

Launch of Country Brand – Peru

Wallstreet March 11, 2011

Peru is the largest exporter of Asparagus in the world!

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