Happy Father’s Day


An ode to our Fathers…

There is nothing like a classic pisco cocktail to help you celebrate this special day.  My personal favorite is the Chilcano.  Say it with me – CHILL-KA-NO…

This cocktail is very popular in Peru because it is so easy to make.  When celebrating at home there are your go to drink mixers; cranberry juice, orange juice, coke, soda water…

This cocktail’s main ingredient is GINGER ALE!  That’s right, the old refreshing, good for your tummy soda.  There aren’t very many cocktails out there made with ginger ale and that’s yet another reason why this drink tops my list.  This drink is very refreshing for a summer day and can be whipped up in about 5 minutes.

Here’s what you will need:

  • 1 or 2 limes (NO lemons!)
  • ginger ale
  • a bottle of your favorite pisco
  • ice

You generally want to use a tall glass for this drink.

Fill the glass with the ice according to your preference.  I usually fill it about half way.  Then pour in 2.5 oz of pisco.  Again, this can be done to taste.

SIDE NOTE:  how the heck do you know what 2.5 oz looks like at home with no fancy bartending tools?!  One normal shot holds 1.5 oz of liquid.  So do the math and pour to taste.

At this point some recipes call for Angostura bitters.  You can put in about 2-3 drops if you would like.  In Peru, most people do not use this ingredient at home and so my taste buds have evolved to go without it.

Then pour in 4 oz or more (depending on your preference) of ginger ale.   Squeeze in 1/2 oz of lime juice.

SIDE NOTE: make sure to squeeze the lime facing down into the glass.  This is to try and minimize how much the lime juice touches the skin.  When the lime juice touches the skin it picks up the oils and makes the drink bitter.

Once you’ve poured all ingredients into the glass stir with a long spoon and your cocktail is ready.

This should taste mild and refreshing but since our old friend pisco packs quite a punch – don’t worry you will still feel it’s wonderful effects.



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