Happy Ceviche Day!

Ceviche and Pisco Sour

Today, June 28th is National Ceviche Day in Peru (dia del ceviche).  Have you noticed that Peruvians like to assign a day to most things, especially food!  For example, there is a pisco sour day (dia del pisco sour), a potato day (dia de la papa) and veering away from food, they even have a day dedicated to friendship (dia de la amistad).

Ceviche has been around for about 500 years!  It is as Peruvian as pisco  – salud!

In Peru, people like to say that Pisco (and if your underage, Inca Cola) and Ceviche is like a burger and Coke in the U.S.   Enjoying a good ceviche with a nice pisco cocktail is like no other summer pastime.   Some people even like to mix the juice in the ceviche (leche de tigre aka tiger’s milk) with a shot of pisco.

If you haven’t tried pairing ceviche and pisco, you must give it a go!

On the West Coast you have the reputable La Mar Cebicheria in San Francisco (pictured above) and in Los Angeles you can visit Las Quenas restaurant in North Hollywood (below).

For you East Coast-ers I hear La Mar Cebicheria is opening sometime in the near future (apparently everything is ready but their biggest challenge is getting all the visas for their chefs and cooks – they don’t mess around!).

Here’s to CEVICHE!


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