Pisco Cocktail of the week – Piscola

Pisco and Coca Cola

It’s Friday and here’s a fabulous cap for the end of your week. My grandfather and his brothers and sisters for that matter, are HUGE pisco aficionados (yes, it’s true the apple, or apples in this case don’t fall far from the tree).  Whenever we have family get togethers, we tend to only drink pisco.  In this case who ever is closest to the bottles of the good stuff gets the honor of whipping up the cocktails for about 30 of us (30 – on a day when not everyone can attend).  During this magical time of a family get together, I always follow the bartender into the kitchen and learn all their tried and true secrets gained from experience and age and being around pisco all their lives.

This past weekend, the elders finally deemed me experienced enough to be the bartender.  We had a bbq by the pool and I whipped up simple yet satisfying and extremely refreshing piscolas for everyone!  I passed the test and I am now approved by the elders in my family and let me tell you, that is no easy feat!

What is a piscola, you ask?!

A piscola is the pisco equivalent to rum’s cuba libre cocktail aka rum and coke.

Here is my wonderful recipe for a piscola, with little details that make it that much better and approved by the council of elders with the pickiest palates on the planet!


  • your favorite pisco
  • a bottle of coke
  • a lime or two, cut in half
  • a handful of ice
  • a tall glass


Rinse your glass in cold water for a few seconds and then put it in the freezer for about 15 – 30 min.  When you remove the glass it will be frosted and even more appealing to the senses.  In the glass place as much ice as would like.  Add one or two shots of pisco.  Swivel  your glass so the pisco and ice do a little dance and the pisco gets really cold.  Then pour in the coke.  But…wait just one minute, don’t just carelessly pour coke, what’s wrong with you!? This is one of the big secrets my dear old granddad taught me…you must pour the soda with care, to eliminate some gas and get flavor.  Although simple, this easy step changed my cocktail profile and improved the taste.  Pour the coke into the glass so that it creates a  thin, tall string of coke. Like so.

Pour slowly and the gas won’t build up and spill over.  When you have topped off your drink with as much coke as your little heart desires squeeze half a lime into your glass and stir with a cocktail spoon.  Serve on a hot day, like today!


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