The Fastest Growing Spirit in the U.S.

Bartender at Pio Pio in New York

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According to an article in the New York Times last week, Pisco is the fasted growing spirit in the country!

Some of the biggest take-aways (for those of you who like summaries):

  • Peru leads the surge, with pisco exports to the United States having nearly doubled last year, according to Veritrade, an import consultancy.
  • The rules [for production]  in Chile are somewhat looser, allowing added sugar and water, and some aging in oak.
  • Though there are similarities on the palate between pisco and grappa from Italy or marc from France, those potions are made from must, the dregs from winemaking, whereas pisco is an eau de vie of grapes that is fragrant, fruity and often has a rich viscosity.
  • The rising tide has been fueled by the growing taste for South American cooking and ingredients, especially in Peruvian restaurants in a number of cities.
  • Some of the interest also can be traced to cocktail culture, which is obsessed with novelty.
  • “For the pisco purist, it’s all very exciting,” Mr. Childs said. “It’s like the pre-Prohibition days, only better.”

Read the whole article here.

Salud to tasting even more delicious piscos as the year goes on!

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