Fountain flows with Pisco

Man filling his jug with Pisco - Photo courtesy of Andina News Agency

During the Independence Day festivities in Lima, a fountain in Surco flowed with PISCO for three days!! The public was invited to dip their cup and have a sip!

July 24th was National Day of Pisco in Peru.  Starting on July 22 – 28th Peru was celebrating all Independence day festivities which included, the Centennial of the re-discovery of Machu Picchu, National Pisco Day, and Independence Day.  For this specific celebration, Lima’s district of Santiago de Surco poured 1000 Liters of pisco into the fountain in the main town square.  For 3 days the fountain flowed with only pisco and citizens were invited to come drink pisco, enjoy cultural entertainment and celebrate in true Peruvian fashion.   Innovative cocktails were also prepared with such names as; Terminator, Cholopolitano, Rica Surcana, Copa America, Centenario de Machu Picchu, La Rojiblanca, Cholo Power, among others.  More than 20 other Pisco brands were present to exhibit their products.

Santiago de Surco has a long history with celebrating pisco, its production and it’s grapes.  The very first harvest festival (Fiesta de la Vendimia) was held in Surco in 1938, so it’s only fitting that they would have such an audacious celebration.

National Pisco Day is celebrated every year on the last Sunday of July in recognition of the country’s flagship drink.


*Photo courtesy of ANDINA/Jorge Paz H.

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