Pisco Porton – The Door for the Pisco Category

Porton Ad

In the March issue of The Tasting Panel, we were introduced to Pisco Porton’s first print media ad, pictured here.Since then, they have appeared in the magazine and in full page ads in April, May, and June.  I am still learning about Pisco Porton and, unfortunately, haven’t had the chance to sample it, yet.

Porton has a $30 million investment backing its entry into the US market, much of which it will use to advertise where smaller brands simply cannot afford to go (ie: did you catch it’s appearance in the latest Shakira video?).  I have observed the mentality of most pisco producers in the states to find one of teamwork.  Yes, they all have their own brands, but they share an underlying passion to open the pisco category to the world, and have realized they can make a dent in the US spirits market by working together to build awareness. For example, many brands participated in the Pisco Pavillion at Tales of the Cocktail this year.

Porton is positioned to help spread the pisco word even further with deep pockets for mainstream marketing.  Porton, as its name suggests, will be the door through which the masses learn about pisco.  Salud to you Porton!

This is a great introductory video explaining the category and what their brand is all about:

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