Cocktail of the week – Pisco Bloody Mary

pisco bloody mary

Today’s cocktail is a twist on the Bloody Mary Maria. The exact translation would be a Maria Sangriente!

I am a huge fan of Bloody Marys and an even bigger fan of pisco. Naturally, I love to combine the two.  After all, one of the greatest qualities of pisco is its mixability.  Because it is a white spirit, it is easy to interchange for vodka, gin, and rum in classic cocktails to attain a new dimension of flavor.  The possibilities are endless.

Now, this is a pretty basic version of a Bloody Maria – if any of you have a fancier version, I’d love to hear your recipes!  Several pisco brands in Peru use this recipe in their own tasting rooms, I’ve made a few changes to adapt it to my taste buds (nothing too radical).

You will need:

  • Pisco of your choice – I prefer to use a pure Quebranta or an Acholado with high Quebranta percentage
  • salt & pepper
  • Tabasco (I prefer to use a rocoto based sauce – an ultra spicy Peruvian pepper)
  • a lime or two
  • tomato juice (I prefer to use farmer’s market fresh juice)
  • as much ice as you desire

In a glass of your choice, place as much ice as you would like.  Pour in 2 oz of pisco and stir.  Add tomato juice, squeeze in a lime or two to taste (I prefer two), a dash of salt and pepper and some Tabasco.  I prefer to use a rocoto pepper based version of Tabasco known as Aji in Peru.  Stir and you’re done! Garnish with tomato, jalapenos, rocoto, olives, cilantro or celery.

We will definitely be brunching with this tomorrow – SALUD!

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