Pottery Barn and Pisco!

Pottery Barn and Pisco

Pottery Barn is in the midst of releasing new video cocktail recipes as part of their House Cocktails series. Headquartered in San Francisco, it was only natural that Pottery Barn would include one of the city’s most famous recipes, the Pisco Punch.

The video series is part of their Entertaining Ideas marketing campaign, geared toward creating a more engaging relationship with their customers. Under “Everyday Parties,” they have a section called “House Cocktails” in which they feature videos demonstrating how to make various cocktails. The web series is called “Drinks of the USA,” featuring cocktails made famous by the cities in which they originated. The lineup includes the Rob Roy from New York, The Last Word from Seattle, The Rum Runner from Miami, The Sazerac from New Orleans, The Pink Lady from Chicago and, of course, The Pisco Punch from San Francisco.

The San Francisco episode was filmed at the Comstock Saloon with Johny Raglin and Encanto Pisco. When picking a pisco, Johny says, “Try not to buy anything too cheap, most likely it won’t be very good,” which in my experience is 100% true!  This cocktail is pretty easy to make and delicious!

Cheers to you Pottery Barn for getting into the pisco craze!


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