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Pisco in Bloomburg!

Yet another mainstream publication picks up on the Pisco trend.  Salud!

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Happy Father’s Day

An ode to our Fathers…

There is nothing like a classic pisco cocktail to help you celebrate this special day.  My personal favorite is the Chilcano.  Say it with me – CHILL-KA-NO…

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iced tea & simple syrup

Simple Syrup

An entire post on Simple Syrup!?! – but WHY!?!?!  For all you cocktail/mixology nerds out there, skip this read, this is for the layman.

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Grape Tutorial – Negra Criolla

As you well know, or you may not (if so, then you’ve come to the right place) there are 8 designated grape varietals for the production of pisco. 

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Pisco Sour

The Original Pisco Sour

Just in time for summer, here at Pisco Aficionado, we must instruct you on the most basic of Pisco drinks for your summer repertoire. 

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Ollanta Humala-pisco sour

Ollanta Wins!

On Sunday, Ollanta Humala defeated Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of a populist former president, by 51.5% to 48.5%. 

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peruvian election

Election Day

Today is Election Day in Peru, well, actually today is the run off. 

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Pisco Cocktail-Pinapple

Pisco Cocktail of the Week – Pineapple Pisco

To help celebrate the start of summer this week’s cocktail is made with pineapple. 

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Woman Tugging Llama Beneath Stone Wall

A Pisco for everyone

As part of Peru’s new Country brand/image, a series of videos have been launched in Peru. The message is; There is a Peru for everyone. I believe these videos really depict well what Peru has to offer and the richness of it’s culture. Furthermore, it adds to the romanticism of a product like pisco. When you drink pisco you are drinking centuries of tradition and experiencing a culture with abundant passion that you can literally taste! Just like there’s a Peru for everyone, there’s a pisco for everyone! Which brand do you best prefer?

Salud my friends!

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Making sure the water tank in Peru, Nebraska shows some Peruvian Patriotism!

Perú – Nebraska

PromPeru has put together a video to explain what it means to be Peruvian.  This video was launched as part of  Peru’s new branding endeavor.

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Marca Perú

Perú – Country Brand

In 2009 the Peruvian Tourism Ministry and promotional agency, PromPeru,  started to work on an idea of re-branding the image of Peru to the world.  The economy was rising and tourism was increasing, the time had come to demonstrate the beauties of Peru to the world through a mastermind branding/advertising campaign. 

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Types of Pisco

There are three types of pisco, Pure (Puro), Acholado (a blend) and Mosto Verde (Green Must).  Pictured here is the brand Oro Pisco.  They are currently the only ones in the U.S. market with all varietals available.  The most readily available varietal in the U.S. is the Acholado. 

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