My Name is Pisco, surname Peru

I introduce to you my fellow readers the first pisco song.  This song was written by Roberto Samamé Sánchez, cultural promoter of Pisco and was officially released in a CD entitled “Mi nombre es Pisco y me apellido Peru – primer homenaje musical al Pisco Peruano” in October 2010.  Available for purchase here.

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Pisco Cocktail of the Week – Algarrobina Frozen

As summer is getting closer, it’s time to exchange your normal pool side margarita with an Algarrobina Frozen.  It is easy to make and you don’t need to be a fancy mixologist to serve yourself a good drink.

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The official Riedel Pisco Glass

Just as the white wine, the red wine, the champagne, etc. have their own glass design to correctly appreciate and savor their kindness to the taste, the pisco has its own specially designed glass designed and produced by the world renowned Austria house Riedel.

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pisco es peru

What is Pisco?

As the popularity of Pisco grows, we get this question more and more.  What is Pisco?  There are so many simple ways of answering this question, of course if you don’t take the time to answer it properly more questions come rolling in and if those aren’t answered then confusion arises and with confusion comes impatience and then people will give up on the category all together.  So, here is our most in depth explanation of what exactly is Pisco.  This is part one of a three part series.

According to the technical norms of Peruvian law, pisco is:

A firewater, “aguardiente” obtained from the must of fermented designated grape varietals, distilled in copper pot continuous stills and must be rested (not aged) for at least 3 months before being bottled.

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Chile, say goodbye to Pisco!

If you are not already aware, there has been an on going battle between Chile and Peru regarding who owns the rights to market their grape eau de vie as Pisco. Check out our post on the details of the battle for more info.

This ad pictured to the the left is the work of Gustavo Rodríguez, creative director at the Quorum Agency.  The message says “Chile, despídete del pisco”, meaning “Chile, say goodbye to pisco”.   This ad is part of a private campaign to educate the public that pisco is in fact Peruvian and not Chilean.

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