The most famous pisco quotations through out the hundreds of years…

Compounded of the shavings of cherub’s wings, the glory of a tropical dawn, the red clouds of sunset and the fragments of lost epics by dead masters. — Rudyard Kipling, 1889

“[Pisco] is perfectly colorless, quite fragrant, very seductive, terribly strong. and has a flavor somewhat resembling that of a scotch whiskey, but much more delicate, with a marked fruity taste.” — Herbert Ausbury, The Barbary Coast book published 1933

“Perfectly clear and colourless, with great fragrance, very seductive, terribly strong and with a taste that in some form or another reminds one of Scotch Whiskey, but much more delicate and with a marked taste of fruits… My first drink convinced me that San Francisco was, and is, an agreeable place to visit; the second drink was enough, and it seemed to me that I could stand up, if necessary, to pox and to all known fevers and the Asiatic Cholera combined.” — Thomas Knox, a visitor to San Francisco in 1872 who shared his experience in a book, “Underground or Life Beneath the Surface.”

“In 1839, early in the year, the brig ‘Daniel O’Connell,’ an English vessel, arrived at Yerba Buena from Payta, Peru, with a cargo of Peruvian and other foreign goods, having on board a considerable quantity of pisco or italia, a fine delicate liquor manufactured at a place called Pisco.” — Davis, William Heath (1889)., Sixty Years in California. San Francisco, CA: A. J. Leary. pp. 249

[describing Pisco Punch] “it makes a gnat fight an elephant.” — unknown

“In the old days in San Francisco there was a famous drink called Pisco Punch, made from Pisco, a Peruvian brandy… pisco punch used to taste like lemonade but had a kick like vodka, or worse.” — Harold Ross – Founder of The New Yorker, The New Yorker Magazine 1937